Head of Precision Parts Discussed personally 元
所属部门 : 技术部
  • Zhejiang || Hangzhou || Shangcheng District
  • 3-5年
  • No limit
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Description of position:
description of job:  
1. Responsible for chairing the overall work of the department, organizing and supervising the personnel of the department to complete all tasks within the scope of responsibility of the department;
2. Carry out the post responsibility system and working standards of this department, closely work with production, quality, marketing, procurement and other departments, and strengthen cooperation with relevant departments;
3. Responsible for the organization and formulation of the company's technical management system and technical process standards;
4. Responsible for directing, processing, coordinating and solving technical problems in the production process in a timely manner, ensuring normal production and ensuring that the company's production plan is completed on time;
5. Responsible for the technical management of the department's technical drawings and archives. Responsible for the formulation of strict technical data management system, reasonable and full use of technical data;
6. Organize the development of prototypes of new products and improvement of existing product processing;
7. Preside over the company's product processing capability, technical feasibility analysis and engineering quotation;
8. According to the requirements of the product drawings, design the process plan and process, and prepare process documents such as the process and quality control point instructions;
9. Organize the formulation of product man-hour quotas;
10. Establish the department's quality assurance system documents, organize the implementation of the department's product quality certification preparations and archive management of related files;
11. Organize and supervise the implementation of process discipline and continuous improvement;
12. Prepare the department's work plan, monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
13. Responsible for the training and assessment of personnel in this department;
14. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
 job requirements:  
1. Strong self-discipline, dedicated work, high sense of responsibility and excellent teamwork spirit;
2. College degree or above, English level 4-6;
3. Have five or more years of work experience, including at least three years of experience in precision parts management and processing, with leadership and organizational coordination capabilities;
4. Working experience in automotive parts production and connector manufacturing companies is preferred;
5. Know and proficiently use office software with certain computer expertise (proficient in Pro / E, UG).

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