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Flexible optical switching, building the next generation optical network based on optical cross of cdc-f characteristics

At present, with the scale deployment of 100g technology and the vigorous development of ultra 100g technology, the transmission capacity of WDM / OTN system has been improved rapidly. The flexible scheduling and efficient processing of optical layer has become an important demand of optical network nodes.
With the further improvement of WSS optical module integration, the optical cross networking technology with cdc-f (colorless, directionless, contentionless, FlexGrid) characteristics constructed by WSS optical module is easy to build a flexible and efficient optical network when applied to super large network nodes due to its key features such as super large switching capacity, flexible wavelength and service scheduling, low power consumption, low delay and so on.
The optical cross technology with cdc-f characteristics has attracted more and more attention from global operators. At present, the operators have taken the lead in deployment, and it is expected to launch a wider range of pilot and commercial applications in the near future.
Open to create value, popularization of APP technology in optical communication network
The traditional optical network is relatively closed and lacks the ability to provide network management and control to external users. With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, data center and so on, the demand for management and control of optical network is more and more intense.
In the SDN era, operators and equipment manufacturers creatively provide their own developed apps or SDKs for external users to develop apps. These apps and SDKs use the open north interface of the SDN controller to manage and control the optical network, and realize the functions of business creation, business QoS adjustment, network planning, network optimization, etc., so as to innovate the business model, simplify the network application, and improve the efficiency of network use and operation and maintenance.
In recent years, some friendly and interactive optical network apps have been favored by users. In the future, the open SDN optical network will breed more and more valuable apps.

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